Oso Oso – Basking in the Glow is out now

Categorising certain albums into specific genres is seemingly becoming less meaningful and effective as the weeks pass. There are plenty of hybrid genres that stem from various influences; no longer will musicians listen to just one source of inspiration, but instead dip their toe into a vast amount of every and any style. This has created a more exciting era for releases and as proven by OSO OSO in latest offering, BASKING IN THE GLOW, playing safe and strictly following unwritten rules is no longer good enough.

Their third studio LP is the one that has deemed them ‘worthy’ as UK tour headliners and, with no disrespect to their back catalogue, it is clear to see why. BITG is a versatile ten track ensemble that could have come straight from a bedroom studio, but equally could have been toyed with in the studio for the past half-a-decade. Laced with lashings of fellow ambient-emo front runners Turnover and as ghostly enigmatic as Elvis Depressedly; Oso Oso are captivating from the off, but it is Dig that, one assumes, will take the plaudits. An instant four-and-a-half-minute anthem that comes back on itself and allows instrumental reflection for well over a minute, it ticks all the boxes of why Oso Oso are braving the transatlantic trek.

One Sick Plan is very much a DIY effort – with scratchy guitars and cracking vocals, Jade Lilitri gives the impression of home recording at its very best across three minutes – however, as aforementioned there is a distinct difference across the full record and Priority Change sounds incredibly ‘clean’ and the complete opposite of One Sick Plan. Considering this is Lilitri‘s third full length effort, you’d be excused for thinking it is an assortment of ‘look at everything I can do’ bundled together into a debut release. This isn’t meant in a negative way; quite the contrary. It is Oso Oso showcasing their ability to create a well-crafted record with all the hallmarks of DIY (because everybody loves DIY, right) that will inevitably be added to playlists across the world for every and any event.

As a whole Basking in the Glow is a record that needs to be explored to be appreciated, but there’s a strange aurora surrounding it that will draw even the most one dimensional listener towards it.


Tickets for Oso Oso’s UK tour are available here

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