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The New Consistent

“As a kid it always made me feel dead cool,” reminisces Ben Ramsay – aka The New Consistent as he reveals information about new single Rude Boys.

“My dad and I always used to call each other the ‘Rude Boys’ and I don’t really know why. My parents split at a young age so mine and his relationship wasn’t always easy, but it was perfect at the same time, if that makes sense?” he ponders. Ramsay has previously stated that his upcoming releases will be more personal and offer the listener a voyeuristic look into his life and this single definitely follows suit because “the song sort of details the story of my Dad and I growing up. I started living with him recently and we’ve grown into best mates now.”

The appreciation of his father in later life is something that Ben wanted to put on paper with Rude Boys and as Ben puts it, “it is a bit of a love letter and a bit of a thank you cos he’s one of a very few men in my life that I can actually look up to.” Again, his openness and approach to being honest is to be admired, but his forthcoming EP veers away from it being exclusively his thoughts and his thoughts only. “I’m working with some new people on the tunes,” he teases before re-owning his work, explaining “I think because it [the EP] was made in my room from scratch, and I produced and mixed it all, it means even more, especially with what it is about.”

2019 has so far provided TNC with not only a handful of exciting and well worked tracks, but his live debut – a show that he was fucking nervous to begin with,” but as with everything he commits to, “I practised religiously for ages, so when it came down to it everything felt so natural and calm. First gigs can easily be a shambles so I’m glad I worked so hard on making sure the set was tight.”

As is often the case with TNC, his generous approach to his releases and projects translated to the live setup; “it was sick having all my mates and family around me, too! I had my DJ, Brad, with me so I had someone to share the nerves and excitement with – it was his first time DJ-ing in front of people, too!” The turn-out is always something to be anxious about, but after TNC‘s relentless approach to promoting his music, shows and interviews it was a success and many familiar (and new) faces turned up. “When I got on stage they all bigged me up and made it a good laugh – thankfully people seemed to rate it, too!”

People seemingly rating TNC is a fair ‘payback’ for his dedication, but his personal pride of his craft is what is arguably most important. Referring to Rude Boys, he beams I’ve never fallen in love with a song of mine like I did with this one” before adding “there’s a song for everyone on there [the new EP] – your nan will love some of them, but then people like my mates will love some of them, too.”

Now that new music is on the horizon and new dates are being announced seemingly every week, what else can we expect from The New Consistent across the rest of 2019? Well, I’ve got quite a strict plan for the next 6-7 months. If all goes how it should, there will be another single later on in the year, as many gigs as I can get booked in and a VERY special end of year announcement that I’ve just started making plans for.” It is an exciting time for The New Consistent, but I guess that’s what you should expect from someone that gives no less than 100%, right?

Pre-save Rude Boys now

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