Struts 22

The Struts | all images: Iona-Skye Wood

To say that over the past decade THE STRUTS have become one of the most devotedly followed glam-rock bands of the 21st century is like making the observation of water being wet. Opening for household names such as The Rolling StonesThe Who and Foo Fighters the world has gradually been introduced and left gobsmacked by what they offer.

The Struts themselves have respectively consistently sold out tours time and time again – this time, a decade on, things have not changed.

In two-tone leather trousers and tassels aplenty, the glam-rockers kicked things off with a packed out show at Stylus, Leeds.

It is easy to see the appeal. Flamboyant, confident and brimming with an ever-developing on-stage passion, The Struts have never really hit the ‘big time’ commercially, but the loyal followings such as those who managed to snap up tickets will always chant lyrics back at Luke Spiller and co.

Iona-Skye Wood documented the first night of the tour – the full gallery can be found below.

Struts 1

Struts 2

Struts 3

Struts 4

Struts 5

Struts 6

Struts 7

Struts 8

Struts 9

Struts 10

Struts 11

Struts 12

Struts 13

Struts 14

Struts 15

Struts 16

Struts 17

Struts 18

Struts 19

Struts 20

Struts 21

Struts 22

Struts 23

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