“This is the first time I’ve played with the band outside of the Americas. It is really cool to be able to do that over here and show my music how it is supposed to be,” says Jess Abbott aka TANCRED.

After touring extensively across the pond with The Joy Formidable – a run of shows that “was awesome because they are such an amazing live band” – they are currently a few shows into a co-headline tour with Kississippi. There is an excitement about being back on British soil and not only in a musical sense: I think it is good to just get out of anyone’s own country for a little while, you know? I’ve been touring for so long, so I’ve seen these places so many times. It is nice to get to a new environment and have it feel fresh!”

Much like the plethora of American bands we’ve spoken to, Tancred are relishing being able to get between cities in a couple of hours at the most. Reminiscing about their latest stateside shows, Jess reveals “we were driving through the night and there was this one solid week where we had to drive six hours on the day, play the show, then three hours that night after the show. We did it every day. It was so brutal.” The fact that “the longest drive we have in the UK is four or five hours and it happens once. All the other drives are like one or two hours” is, in Jess‘ own words, “insane.” There is a real danger of being on a full US tour and being in charge of driving the van – as we find out, “sometimes in the US there are long stretches of highway with no service stations for sixty miles, so you have to gas up and if you ever forget there’s a real chance that you could run out of gas. You have to be alert!”

Another bonus of being back this side of the Atlantic Ocean is just generally being in EnglandJess jokes “this is going to sound so basic, but it is cool to see history around here. Everything in the United States is so new, but out here there is a lot more to look at.” The culture, plus catching up with friends, will make for an enjoyable time in the UK.

When Tancred return to the US, they will have very little time off before heading out on a nationwide tour with emo icons Mineral – a run of shows that Jess is VERY excited for. I grew up listening to them [Mineral] so it feels a little bit surreal to be doing shows with them.” In terms of big, comeback shows; Jess feels like it is becoming an increasingly popular thing – I saw Letters to Cleo last year. I feel like it has happened a lot over the past three years or so. I’ve seen The Juliana Hatfield Three, Veruca Salt; it is like everyone is coming back.” 

When asked who they’d love to see reform, the answer was simple: My favourite albums are by Portishead and I don’t really know what their deal is. I don’t think they’ve broken up, but they’ve been on hiatus for like ten years, right? I think that once in a while they’ll do some shows, but it seems that they’ll do more of an event of a festival once in a couple of years. If I could see them without having to travel to a different country, like on a tour or if they put out an album it would be incredible!”

For now, though, we are left with what to expect from their own run of co-headline shows: We have Nightstand and Out of the Garden and the tour we just did had a similar set length to what we’ll be doing on this tour and we did half and half with those two. I really love playing these new songs, so I think the focus will probably be that. I’d say it will be at least three quarters Nightstand.”

Remaining tickets for Tancred’s UK tour are available here

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