After a whirlwind tour with State Champs last month, we caught up with Ken from SEAWAY for a quick Q&A. Their latest record, Vacation, was released last year and as soon as the Euro leg of this tour is complete they’ll be co-headlining a run of shows back across the pond with Trophy Eyes. It is an exciting time for the Canadian rockers and as Ken points out, there are still a lot of secrets to be uncovered.

Firstly, how are you finding the UK shows this time around?
“Shit rocks. Big rooms, fun crowds, a lot of new faces.”
What have been the highlights from the UK run this time around?
“London was a real treat. The Roundhouse was a very cool show for us, and the crowd helped make it a very memorable show. Manchester and Leeds also killed it. It was cool to go to Dublin for the first time too.”
What do you particularly enjoy about the UK and Europe?
“Our videographer got to reconnect with his ex girlfriend and now they have plans of getting married. It is so cool to see things like this happen. They are also with child and plan on naming their baby “Greggs” which is honestly so beautiful.”
Vacation was released last year – what has the response been like to that?
“It has been very cool. Everyone in the world likes it and now we are filthy rich. I am burning a $1000 bill right now for fun. It means nothing to me.”
You are heading out with Trophy Eyes when you finish up over here – how are you feeling ahead of those shows?
“Terrified that we might not survive the tour. Optimistic that they might be the coolest shows yet.”
What else can we expect from Seaway in the not too distant future?
“We are sitting on a bunch of unreleased SECRET SHIT. Perhaps some of this SECRET SHIT was someday no longer be SECRET SHIT.”

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