Darwin Deez

Ten songs are hardly enough to document a break up and maybe a novel would be more sufficient in reflecting on what has dissolved, but for DARWIN DEEZ it is the prior that is used as the title of latest record – Ten Songs That Happened When You Left Me With My Stupid Heart.’

The break-up itself was the solution to a case of writer’s block, and as Darwin explains: I was really stuck creatively until that break up happened.” Giving Loose Cardigan of Ideas the lowdown of the creation process of the record ahead of an intimate UK headline tour, he reveals: I say “songs that happened” instead of “songs I wrote” because my experience with creativity is described more honestly through the passive voice – and I say “you left me” although since then I’ve come to see that the opposite is as true if not truer – “I left you” – and also “I left me,” when I didn’t remember these perspectives.”

Reminiscing about the mentioned break-up, he says: I could have followed you where you went. I could have showed up in the city you went to. I stopped calling. That was my choice. I left you. Such is the power of the stories we attach to. They’re real for us in the moment we’re believing them. They hurt when our minds are not open to the truth.” There is a sense of humility about Darwin, and the way he mentions stories is often the core of his songwriting – pre-Ten Songs… we were treated to Bad Day where he spits some home truths and finally snaps, hoping that it rains when you leave the car window down or how if you drop your keys he is hoping there’s a sewer nearby. It is bitterness at its best, and Darwin Deez execute it excellently.

The likes of Bad Day and Radar Detector are indie-ballads known to most, and Darwin assuringly tells us: “You’ve got to play the hits. The people paid their money. It’s what I’d want. If I saw the Strokes and they didn’t play anything from albums 1 & 2 I’d be dis… well, would I be disappointed? I’d be interested.”  He is a real man of the people, adding: I wanna have fun up there and what’s fun for me is the crowd having fun. So old songs are in, always!”

In terms of returning to the UK, there is a sense of excitement in camp-Darwin Deez right now – but mostly it is the promise of Great Indian food, great musical talent everywhere, short drives,” but what stands out most as a ‘highlight’ is Darwin looking forward to “soggy weather.” The venues the band will hit on this run are not particularly large, which offers the opportunity to get up close and personal with fans. He jokes “ok fine! I’ll do it [meet fans]. I’ve done it every single tour we’ve ever done. It’s part of it. I dislike photos. Just talk to me. Tell me the one thing you want me to know. Or a high five is even better. I would love that!”

The idea of talking to Darwin is one that fans, and soon-to-be-fans, should cherish because of his humble attitude towards the new record. Only a week-or-so old and he is already pleasantly surprised when friends told me they were listening to it a lot.” There is no expectation from Darwin Deez that you HAVE to listen to the new record just because you are a fan or a friend, but instead says: I find I’m happiest when I concern myself as little as possible with the reactions of others to my music.” It is fresh to hear that the album, as obvious as it sounds because the title refers to the Ten Songs That Happened When You Left Me With My Stupid Heart, is a personal creation that has not been crafted with the opinion of others at the forefront.

So, what is next for Darwin Deez? In true arty form, we hear: “expect nothing, receive everything!” Although vague, he signs off with the promise of: “expect me to field woeful phone calls from fans on Twitter.” Staying real, he concludes: “I like doing that, hearing people’s woes.” From this closing statement we can perhaps be ready for the follow up to Ten Songs… to be Ten Songs That Happened When You Left Me With Your Woes.



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