Miles Kane - CDG album cover

Coup De Grace | featured image: Lauren Dukoff

The indie-scene was different when MILES KANE‘s sophomore record, Don’t Forget Who You Are, dropped way back in 2013. He was packing out Academy size venues with Fred Perry polo shirt and Adidas trainer clad fans, Arctic Monkeys were touring the world with AM and the NME Awards Tour was still *arguably* worth going to.

How times change. After a five year absence, Kane has rebranded himself several times; most notably he donned a shaved head alongside his The Last Shadow Puppets counterpart, Alex Turner, in matching tracksuits. What COUP DE GRACE sets out to do, though, is seemingly distance itself from Colour of the Trap and DFWYA in a subtle manner.

Five years have eclipsed since Miles Kane has released music under his own name, and apart from creating TLSP’s sophomore record, he dropped off the radar. Perhaps the second stint of working on material with Alex Tuner awoken a more melodic side to his music instead of going back to the likes of Inhaler or Taking Over – we’ve already witnessed Arctic Monkeys go fully off-piste this year and it would be fair to suggest Kane has followed suit.

Coup De Grace is lacking that killer blow, though, unfortunately. As mentioned, the ‘scene’ (and my taste) has changed significantly since he was selling out venues half a decade ago, but the ten tracks offer little to no depth. Too Little Too Late sounds like it was scraped off of Circa Waves‘ cutting room floor, Killing the Room‘s chorus is frighteningly close to Oasis All Around the World and Something to Rely On would not be out of place on a half-arsed EP by The Vaccines.

Perhaps if this record came out 3 years ago it would have more of an impact, but sadly it just isn’t THAT great. Fortunately, Miles Kane is sensational (well, he was five years ago) live so hopefully he has already planned how to pump more life into an otherwise bland album.



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