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Wealth and Comfort – Leopard Rays

When it comes to guitar based bands it is somewhat difficult to critique them without pitting them against anything that has come before. With Hartlepool based LEOPARD RAYS this approach is important to consider.

Packing latest single WEALTH AND COMFORT with explosive riffs and seamless hooks, the newly formed band certainly aren’t lacking in the passion department. An ensemble of sound destined for bigger venues than the social clubs they are currently occupying smothers Leopard Rays and not attempting to reinvent the wheel is a strangely refreshing experience.

Instead of bundling together a melee of experimental ideas, the four-piece has instead stuck with what they know and released a polished, well-crafted track that displays exactly what they are all about. Nothing obscure or grotesque; just a passion-packed four-minute anthem showing off what they are capable of.

“It would be stupid to try and tell you that the music you’re listening to is like nothing you’ve heard before” – Nick Hornby speaking of The Gaslight Anthem’s Handwritten

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