Benjamin Lazar Davis

With glittering soundscapes and Vampire Weekendi-esque vocals, BENJAMIN LAZAR DAVIS has released debut LP, NOTHING MATTERS.

The perfect accompaniment to summer comes in the form of ten sun-kissed tracks. Take Life is Dangerous, for example: head-bobbing guitars combined with soft, delicate vocals result in a hearty combination. Consistent drum-beats nestle everything together, which results in a melodically blissful arrangement.

Brass Tracks‘ plucky, reflective guitar resonates and lingers on Davis‘ every word. Soothing synths perfectly entwine mesmerising the neat guitar work to create an atmospheric feel. Similarly on Choosing Sides, elegant guitar work and subtle drums come together as heartfelt lyrics overlay the music in a ghostly manner. Davis pours his heart out in the choruses, explaining that “I’m not choosing sides anymore.” It is an anthem revolving around walking away and giving up, but portrayed with almost-hypnotic instrumentation.

As the record reaches its end, raspy vocals appear on Acquitted – giving the impression of a broken man. The music is slower, the soundscapes more relatable to opening the curtains the-morning-after, and overall its simplicity creates a sense of new-birth. A piano instrumental with birds singing in the background allows a sense of inner-reflection – almost as if it was made for scenic train journeys. Everything is tranquil in the world of Acquitted, everything is making sense in the world of Nothing Matters.


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