When DMA‘S opened for The Courteeners at Newcastle O2 Academy it was obvious that they were, pardon the cliche, destined for big things. On that night they walked on stage necking cans in front of a half-full venue with a care free, slacker attitude.

This time around, it was their name on the ticket. Their name on the sell out poster. Their name that people were chanting in between hearty ballads. There are 10,538 miles in between Sydney and Nottingham, but for just over an hour on a bleak spring Friday night; Rock City was their home.

With a combination of modern classics and an abundance of new material, a mesmerised Rock City crowd greeted every single track with enthusiasm. Sophomore record, For Now dropping on the maiden show of a full UK tour was a ballsy move and one that could have backfired, but the crowd of 2,500 nodded, waved and screamed to whatever was put in front of them.

What is consistently odd is how a band who put out the massively heartfelt Delete can invoke such a wild reception – is it the incredibly gritty bangers such as Feels Like 37 or Play It Out? Is it the endorsements from The Courteeners and Liam Gallagher? Who knows, to be honest, but one thing is for sure – DMA’s have something that I can’t quite put my finger on and it excites the hell outta me.

When In the Air was released as single number one from For Now you would be forgiven for thinking their live show would develop into a melee of swaying and lighters out, but a raucous display of passion and tambourine braying has kept DMA’s’ sound current, fresh and invigorating.

While Step Up the Morphine et al will always be in the hearts and minds of fans, the For Now era is in full swing. Was the setlist filled with potentially unheard ‘new’ tracks? Yes. Did the big hits make the cut? Yes. Are DMA’s continuously growing and developing? Absolutely.

Remaining dates and tickets for DMA’S can be found here.

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