“It’s our last show for a while and we’ve had a few weeks off before so it should be really fun,” says JON EE ALLAN as HAPPYNESS prepare for a big 2017 blow out at London‘s Garage next week.

This year has been relatively successful for the three-piece (four on the live circuit); a decent run of headliners, festival performances and the release of highly anticipated sophomore LP, WRITE IN. Talking about the latest record, Jon explains “The response has been good. It’s our first record since anybody has actually known about us.

“It’s a lot harder to gauge, but now we get a lot more emails so it’s a lot harder to keep up. On the first record [Weird Little Birthday] we went from zero up, so you could tell exactly what we had achieved.”

The show at London Garage is not to be missed; not just because it will be your final chance of the year to see the lo-i outfit; but because what follows there set will round off a bliss evening. Jon reveals “I believe there’s a Game of Thrones themed club night on after us,” and as if that wasn’t tempting enough, he teases “maybe we’ll play every song we’ve ever wrote.”

Having been on the road for a solid chunk of the past year and a bit, Happyness have developed from being one of the most enigmatic live prospects into a band with a nailed on, polished sound. “We’ve had a really good time playing some older tracks again recently,” explains Jon, and while on the subject of setlists he tells us that Friday‘s will “probably be pretty evenly spread across both the records.”

So, a gig before a Game of Thrones club night and a chance to hear both of Happyness’ records for the last time in 2017 in one October evening is what is being offered. Buy tickets now to avoid missing out.

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