With every band defining album comes the problem of trying to follow it up. In this case, TURNOVER‘s 2015 release, Peripheral Vision, will certainly go down as their finest work and a record clearly shifting their alt-rock roots to a dream-pop laden soundscape.

When their latest full length, Good Nature, was announced alongside UK, EU and US tour dates fans jumped at the chance to catch the Virginia band at intimate venues – and it is no surprise why. Back in the UK after a short run in the spring playing at this year’s Slam Dunk festival rounded off with a Citizen/Turnover/Sorority Noise triple headliner, Austin Getz and co. kicked things off with Super Natural – the lead single from Good Nature and from there on in it was a massacre of ambience, riffs and hypnotic instrumentation.

Peripheral Vision acted as the core of the setlist and broke up a heavy dose of the new record; with classics such as Dizzy on the Comedown and Hello Euphoria getting the crowd going before showcasing the likes of Pure DevotionBonnie (Rhythm and Melody) was the last Good Nature track of the evening before Turnover bowed out with fan favourites Cutting My Fingers Off and Humming.

There is something enigmatically stunning about Turnover and still, after catching them live a few times and rinsing their records endlessly, I cannot work it out. Obviously, this adds to their charm and only by seeing and hearing them you can be mesmerised by the swirling exuberance of their sound.


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