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Will Hodgson

More times than not, the artwork on a record is indicative of the mood or tone that it represents. With HODGE’s debut EP, titled SUMMER LOVE, this is definitely the case. “The photo was a spontaneous shot by one of my friends. We all go jumping there when it is nice and I thought it reflected the summery kind of vibes.”

The summery vibes mentioned are consistent throughout all five tracks. With catchy choruses and sunshine laced upbeat guitar led tracks, it is an accumulation of all the positive feelings connected with summer. Recorded simply with a friend at home, Summer Love reflects the life of Hodge – “living by the seaside with nothing to do apart from get in to trouble and get drunk with you,” (Charm Like Hers) is just one insight.

Talking of this method of songwriting, he adds “it is a subconscious kind of thing where it has come from my experiences and what not. I don’t really think about them connecting with people.”

As with most home recorded releases, a lo-fi, DIY approach was adopted in the development process. “I had the equipment at home and a friend called Oscar who played bass and drums. We could just smash through and get done sounding how we wanted rather than spending money going to a studio and maybe not getting the right result.”

The home recording style is evident, not in a bad way obviously, but being able to put out your own craft after it being in the pipeline for so long is exciting. Having worked on it and teased for a while now, Hodge says “after two years I was determined to get it out this summer. My good friend Marley and I put a lot of time and effort into it this summer to finally get it out.”

Summer Love is released tomorrow (September 1) and Hodge is already looking ahead to the future. “I’m planning on releasing more music including two singles, which is really exciting. If the demand is there, get them on vinyl as I would love to do that!

“Right now, though, I am just happy releasing music and having a good time.”

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