The Strokes

On this day sixteen years ago (30 July 2001) a band by the name of THE STROKES released debut record Is This It and the rest is history. Gaining a worldwide fanbase of millions, the New York rockers have delivered time and time again with later albums such as Angles and First Impressions of Earth, but after last year’s Future Present Past was dropped seemingly from nowhere, The Strokes’ guitarist Albert Hammond Jr has quashed all rumours that the band are in the studio again.

Tweeting that an album would be years away before following it with “if at all,” gives no imminent signs of new music from the band we’ve grown to love over the past decade and a half. If this really is the end for The Strokes, we can always cherish the endless times Last Nite or Someday have come on in indie bars from Southampton to Glasgow.

 They are possibly the last living true rock n roll stars, but would new music come across as forced and uninspiring like many comeback albums in this day and age? The Guardian suggest that they “may be generation-defining icons whose supernova long since collapsed under its own gravity, but they still play like teen demons in heat,” (talking of their Hyde Park gig in 2015) so it is possible for The Strokes to have one last pay-day with a run of live shows before calling it a day and focusing on their own solo projects.

Will a new era of The Strokes inspire a new generation of leather jacket wearing, cigarette smoking rockers – or will it be a tame, half-arsed effort tarnishing the legacy they have already created? Maybe they were right when they said You Only Live Once and their death has come already…who knows?

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