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JAKE BUGG | pic: @sophocles98 (Twitter)

When Nottingham singer-songwriter/professional moody guitar player JAKE BUGG burst onto the scene in 2012 with Lightning Bolt it was a breath of fresh air, but now three albums (with the fourth imminent, apparently) down we are seeing live performances that don’t really pack a punch anymore.

His latest LP, On My One, was released last year and given the fact his Newcastle date was £30 you’d expect a brilliant live performance showcasing how far he has come. As he said before ending the show, “I’ve been coming here for six years now,” but the just over an hour display was short, to the point and packed with the sing along classics that we have heard time and time again.

Obviously, nothing wrong with belting out Two Fingers or serenading your mate to Broken, but On My One was meant to be a new chapter of Bugg‘s musical career and in my opinion it seems as if he doesn’t want to leave behind the hits that have allowed him to charge £30 for an outdoor gig.

A cover of Richie Havens‘ Going Back to My Roots and new track How Soon the Dawn were as off-piste as Jake Bugg ventured – don’t get me wrong, though – the likes of Messed Up Kids and Taste It were executed as well as they ever have, but many will agree with me when I say that Newcastle‘s second annual Live From Times Square run of outdoor gigs wasn’t as brilliant as we had hoped.

All in all, Bugg is always worth seeing to admire his guitar work and signature vocals, but until he steps up and braves performing more than three songs from his latest LP, I probably won’t bother again.

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