MEADOWLARK have finally released a full length record after sharing a string of singles  over the past two years. POSTCARDS is an accumulation of soothing ambience instrumentation and eerie vocals arranged by two piece Kate McGill and Dan Broadley.

It is easy to pigeonhole the sound Meadowlark create and slot them amongst the likes of The xx or London Grammar, but they are not a band simply looking to recreate the wheel and offer nothing new to the genre. Their melodies are spell binding and the lyrics charismatic – for lead single the band asked fans to get involved by sending in a postcard, which Dan describes as overwhelming.

The mellow, synth-pop laden tracks come to life is bulging progressions, for example in Eyes Wide deep, exploring chords are layered under a glistening array of hooks that grip the listener throughout. This combination laid next to catchy vocals create a balance that works elegantly.

Throughout the whole album there are glimpses of a well crafted album that has been left until the very last moment to release. Postcards has not been rushed, Meadowlark have not been pressured into putting out an album they are not 100% happy with and it shows in the final product.

Postcards is the start of what could be a magical year for Meadowlark, with a handful of live dates over summer – be sure to catch them while they are still playing intimate shows.


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