Journey back ten years, and none of us would expect to see Hayley Williams without her colour co-ordinating orange hair and microphone. After a 4 year hiatus, PARAMORE are back in our ears and hearts more than ever… with a twist.

HARD TIMES oozes with energy and fun from the outset, both in the music itself and its video. The vivid colours and neon lights throughout the video perfectly fit the tropical riff the song centres itself around, whilst cleverly juxtaposing the negative lyrics it delivers. It is clear that the band have pushed their musical boundaries to their limit, but back with familiar face Zac Farro, Hayley is still executing her recognisable vocals seen in the Riot! days.

The band have taken a step forward in their progression with this change of sound, whilst channelling eighties-vibes from Blondie to Cyndi Lauper, however, this evolving pop vibe Paramore now have is not surprising. Their hit track from the self-titled fourth album Still Into You resonates a colour chart of pinks and enthusiasm seen less in previous tracks such as Ignorance  or even my go-to “Guitar Hero” track, Misery Business. Nevertheless, it is still a shock to the system in comparison to their past decade or so in the music industry, but I welcome it with open arms.

With a track contrasting pessimistic lyrics and optimistic melodies, this change of aesthetic for the band appears promising for their fifth album AFTER LAUGHTER due for release on 12th May.


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