“There are a few songs that we haven’t played live before because we are always doing support slots or wham-bam-bangers sets,” says CELIA ARCHER. Talking ahead of THE BIG MOON‘s headline tour, bassist Celia teases: “I think we are going to play all of it.”

This will be welcome news to fans of The Big Moon, whose debut LP, LOVE IN THE 4TH DIMENSION was released earlier this month. “The exciting thing about putting out an album is what relationship other people have to the songs – they are not just ours anymore.

“You don’t know how people will respond to it, but it will be interesting to see,” emphasises Celia. There has been a slight indication of the tracks that have already been well received by fans at The Big Moon‘s live shows, though.

“We have only just started playing The End live and it is so much fun. It has been getting really good responses and it is one of our favourites on the record as well. 

“Maybe The End won’t be the big, epic song at the end – maybe it will be Bonfire or Sucker.” Having played SXSW, the band were able to give certain tracks a live rendition before they are brought back to the UK for a headline tour, which kicks off in Brighton on April 20.

Recapping the time spent at SXSW, she reminisces: “It was cool for us to be playing in front of people – everyone said you run around all day to play five shows to three people but we had a really great time.

“American crowds, in our experience, want to have a good time so they want you to be good rather than coming from a place where they are stony faced.”

By the end of 2017, Love in the 4th Dimension will have ventured all around the globe – excitedly, Celia tells us: “We have a few days after the UK tour before we go to Europe and then it will be festivals. So, for me, when this tour starts it kicks off the rest of my year.”

A very exciting time for a band on the cusp of making a magnificent breakthrough this year. Their debut LP was raved about by the likes of Dork (who gave it five stars), The Guardian (four stars) and DIY (again, five stars).

To hear such a sublime and well crafted record live will certainly be the aim of music lovers around the UK, and without a doubt even beyond that. Celia shares this excitement and eagerness, saying: We are so looking forward to playing the record on these shows in sweaty venues across the UK to people who both those who love it and those who have never heard our album.

“Their friend might have bought the record and dragged them along. We will get to talk to people after so it will be really good.”

Alongside the intimate venues that The Big Moon will be gracing up and down the country, they are set to play Live at Leeds for the second time. Bigging up the one day festival, she recalls: “The first time we did it was so much fun! There are so many good people playing it like Let’s Eat Grandma, The Magic Gang and Black Honey. It is such a great festival – Wild Beasts will also be great!”

2017 is a massive year for The Big Moon, but with an album as stunning and sensation as Love in the 4th Dimension, it is only a matter of time before they outgrow the tiny venue scene and can blast their tunes to bigger and more ferocious audiences.



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