PALACE have acquired an array of admirers since bursting onto the scene. Their debut album SO LONG FOREVER is nothing short of sensational. The band’s ability to manipulate rock n’ roll into a sound that is spectral and atmospheric puts them right up there with people’s favourite bands.

BITTER is a perfect example of this and the new video complements the lyrics brilliantly. The  latest release is a representation of a band who have found their feet and have managed to keep true to their roots. Released on April 27th via Fiction Records, the video is an appealing black and white film.

An ingenious collaboration between the band and director. The video explores the feelings of self-reflection and self-exploration. It fits the song perfectly as we are an insight into lead singer Leo Wyndham’s inner emotions.

With comparisons to the likes of Foals and The Maccabees, one only has to listen to ‘Bitter’ to realise this. With all the varied, layered elements that can be heard on the single, listeners are treated to a subtle triumph that sees the London four-piece emphatically showcase their musical prowess.

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