BLAENAVON. Pic: @margotsteadd (Twitter)

BLAENAVON brought their THAT’S YOUR LOT tour to Newcastle along with a raucous performance packed with feel good indie hits.

Opening with the usual Hell Is My Head, it was the fourth time the Hampshire trio have played Think Tank since Autumn 2015 when they supported Oscar – last night, though, it was their turn to take the plaudits as the bill toppers.

It has been quite a magnificent rise and their debut LP, That’s Your Lot, comes out on Friday (7 April) via the release of various singles including the passionately driven My Bark Is Your Bite and more recently the progressively snappy Alice Come Home – both of which were loved by the packed out crowd.

Orthodox Man is a track that has developed and grown tighter since introducing it to the live set over a year ago – it is also one with quick witted lyrics and a brilliant encore bop. Alongside the That’s Your Lot heavy set was the ever-enjoyable Into The Night.

The clue is in the name of the tour what was being promoted this time around, and front man Ben Gregory insisted that Lonely Side will become a favourite when the album drops. It is understandable why – slick, cutting riffs and soothing vocals once again executed on a Blaenavon track is nothing less than expected.

It is Prague which ends a high energy Blaenavon set normally and their Newcastle performance was no different. Like Orthodox Man, it is an anthemic track which has gradually been tweaked and improved over the past few years. A Ben Gregory crowd dive topped off a superb show that will be looked back on when they outgrow the venue which has hosted them time and time again.

Support on the night came from Hartlepool alt-rockers PlazaA band always improving and sounding sharper than the last time, they played their hook laden classics such as Fickle and Totem as well as latest single Deep In My Head.

Anteros were the filling in the Plaza and Blaenavon sandwich and belted out infectiously catchy indie-pop hits. Most notable track was the upbeat, feel good Breakfast which delighted the crowd.

THAT’S YOUR LOT is out Friday (7 April) – pre-order here.


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