“It is pretty rainy here in New York,” says CAN’T SWIM frontman CHRIS LoPORTO , but there is a somewhat positive tone in his voice. He is just under 3,500 miles away, but more importantly – Can’t Swim are just one week away from the release of their debut full length. FAIL YOU AGAIN is released worldwide on March 10th via Pure Noise Recordsand it is described by LoPorto as “a pleasure to write” and “a little more spread out across the spectrum” than debut EP Death Deserves a Name.

“There are some slower songs and some more upbeat songs” on the twelve track record. “Death Deserves a Name was written mainly by myself, but Fail You Again is more of a collaborative effort because we are a band now.

“We tour and write together, which is something I thought this band would never get a chance to do.” The touring side of band-life LoPorto mentions continues into the UK in April when they return to this side of the pond alongside Illinois emo outfit Real FriendsCan’t Swim are no strangers to these shores, though.

“We toured with a band called Boston Manor, which was amazing. They were very helpful showing us around and showing us the ropes. We were dying to get back! We didn’t expect to get over there the first time after such a small time together as a band, but it was an incredibly lovely time.”

LoPorto and the rest of Can’t Swim were surprised by the response they received opening for Boston Manor – calling it “very surprising” that “the crowds knowing our songs gave us three or four of our best shows ever.

“It definitely exceeded any expectations we had! We were joking that we didn’t want to go back to the States!”

So it seems that the UK love Can’t Swim, but is the feeling mutual? You bet! But what are the stand out highlights of the UK that Can’t Swim adore most? “Wetherspoons! We are big fans of Wetherspoons! I love that drives aren’t 15 hours because when you tour the States you have some awful drives. Everyone is really nice to us, too! It is a really great place!”

Conveniently, Can’t Swim’s date in Newcastle is right next to a Wetherspoons, which is music to LoPorto’s ears.

Joining Real Friends on all of their UK shows gives Can’t Swim a perfect opportunity to play a lot, if not all, of Fail You Again over the tour schedule. “We will always play songs from Death Deserves a Name because it holds a special place for us – it was the beginning of the band and Your Clothes was the first song we ever wrote so I would love to play that every night.

“I would like to put a good amount of the new record on the setlist every night because we are tired of playing the same five songs,” he laughs. “We will do Right Choice and Your Clothes, but the majority of the songs will be from Fail You Again,” LoPorto explains.

Hoping for a good reception, as any band travelling thousands of miles would, LoPorto is confident ahead of the tour. “I think Real Friends are pretty well recognised in the UK. I know we are playing bigger venues than we did on the Boston Manor tour and I have heard ticket sales are doing great.

“I don’t know how Real Friends fans will take to Can’t Swim, but we don’t really worry about it too much. We are just looking forward to playing in front of people!”

Closing the interview, LoPorto leaves full of optimism and confidence in putting their debut LP out. “I hope people enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoyed making it! It didn’t really feel like work – it was a pleasure.

“We are very excited to come back to the UK, too!”

≈ ≈ ≈

FAIL YOU AGAIN is out MARCH 10th. Pre-order a copy here.

Tickers for their shows with REAL FRIENDS and MICROWAVE are available here.


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