Striding onto stage at precisely 9:00pm, Loyle Carner took no time to fill the room with his passion and voice. Opening with most recent single, The Isle of Arran,  which is named after where he and his grandfather used to travel to together.

From there, Loyle continued vibing through songs featuring on debut album, Yesterday’s Gone. These included Mean It In The Morning, Seamstress, and spoken word piece +44, which changed up the rhythm effortlessly.

The scenery of the performance was an art form itself; representing a living room with Loyle‘s own album artwork enlarged, framing the middle of the stage – it created a home-ly atmosphere for the sold-out crowd.

The pure honesty projected through Loyle’s lyrics and reasoning was evident. He Confessed that track Florence was written for his long-term dream of having a baby-sister and emotionally giving tribute to a friend of his through spoken word track Mrs C, where he remembered said friend’s mum who was ill in hospital.

Not many artists have the almighty pleasure of being joined on stage by one of their best-friends, which Loyle Carner took no time to brag politely about. Rebel Kleff was this man – producer of most tracks on Loyle‘s album, and even featuring on a couple tracks such as No Worries and NO CD – they joined forces and finished each-others lines – the chemistry of friendship between them both was obvious.

Finishing the night off with song Sun of Jean, Carner tells an emotive backstory of this track being for his father, an inspiring musician such like himself.  Loyle tells us of a time, about a year ago, of when his mother found a box full of his father’s old recordings, regrettably never telling anyone they existed before his passing. Loyle took time to listen to them all, one by one – his favourite being song Sun Of Jean. With his inspiration being clear, this track is a dedication to his father and mother, who also features with a heart-warming spoken word ending of Loyle‘s childhood.

After what feels like going through a journey of Loyle‘s memories throughout the gig, what we came out knowing was that this man is definitely a family-orientated, and of course prides himself being a ‘mummy’s-boy’ – and there will never be anything wrong with that.

Buy your copy of “Yesterday’s Gone” here.


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