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Because we are a bit older, we are not scared to try different things on a DEAF HAVANA record,” explains Matthew Veck-Gilodi. Back with their third record, ALL THESE COUNTLESS NIGHTS, the Norfolk band were much more relaxed” than on their previous releases. Talking of the reasons why, Matt says: We used to say ‘we can’t put that on a record,’ but we all feel really grown up and mature and it [the album] is an interesting listen.

“One of my favourite things about any album is the way it flows and has the ups and down and takes you with it. This is one of the first times we have thought about how the tracklist works for the listener.”

In support of All These Countless Nights, Deaf Havana are heading out on a six-date UK tour this month. Described by Matt as “a short one,” what it lacks in quantity it will certainly make up for in quality. Boasting a three album discography the band are now able to mix their setlist up and dabble in an array of previously unplayed hits.

“You tend to get carried away when you talk about setlist because we really want to play the new ones. It is important, though, to play a lot of the back catalogue because people want to hear it!” With the latest LP coming out a month before the tour, it gives fans a chance to choose some favourites from All These Countless Nights before being presented with it at an upcoming show.

In true rock & roll fashion, Matt’s description of the only Deaf Havana tour ritual is that they “get absolutely hammered” because  “you have to enjoy the cities and have fun!” When in Rome, or London, or Manchester..

When the tour comes to an end and the album release hype dies down, Matt predicts that “there will be something else happening in the UK in the back half of the year.” Exciting times ahead for Deaf Havana.

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Limited tickets for Deaf Havana‘s upcoming tour are available here.

All These Countless Nights is available now – order here.

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