DECLAN McKENNA. Pic: Callum Thornhill

DECLAN McKENNA continued his first UK headline tour with a sold out show at LEEDS BRUDENELL. “This is the big show of the tour,” he exclaimed before telling the adoring fans how “we announced the games room and that sold out so we announced the main room and you sold that out too.”

Opening with the FIFA 17 hit Isombard was quite fitting seeing as the pre-walk-on music consisted of Caesars’ Jerk It Out and Blur’s Song 2 – both of which have been FIFA tracks. Wearing a jumpsuit (rolled up to the knees) and a face full of glitter was a wardrobe masterpiece that complements his effortless swagger and coolness brilliantly.

Amongst the 50-ish minute set were some new tracks, one in particular was one he wrote in LA, which in Declan’s words is “pretty cool, right?” Explaining that these were tracks from his upcoming debut album excited the audience; quite rightly so. At just 18, Declan McKenna is making serious waves in ‘the scene.’ One of the stand out moments was how beautifully blissful, yet so powerful, latest single The Kids Don’t Wanna Come Home sounded. Only released last week, but there were people screaming the lyrics at the stage he was floating and dancing around.

Recently returning from shows in America, touring with Cage the Elephant and another run of shows with Blossoms next month speaks volumes of how much he is dominating right now. His major hits such as Bethlehem and Basic were performed to an audience whom sang along to his every word.

But it was the final two tracks, Paracetamol and Brazil, that stole the show. Arguably his ‘biggest’ and most well known, they did not disappoint when performed live. Fans were crowdsurfing and invading the stage of the intimate venue, which was a delightful, promising sight for those investing their hope in the future of music in Declan McKenna.

The future is bright, the future is McKenna.

≈ ≈ ≈

Some tickets remain for the rest of his tour. Available here.


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