DEAF HAVANA have returned with brand new LP ALL THESE COUNTLESS NIGHTS. Twelve tracks see the Kings Lynn band evolve into a well balanced, reflective band via James Veck-Gilodi’s lyrics.

Opening with Ashes, Ashes, the record gets off to a mellow, acoustic ballad before bursting into atmospheric woe. This tone sticks across the dozen tracks and preludes dark, mysterious instrumentation. Sorrow is a key theme throughout All These Countless NightsHappiness for example is a, as mentioned, reflective acoustic led ballad that holds the emotions of a broken man, defeated by the loss of his love because of his drinking. You could argue it is a cliche subject to sing about, but the way Veck-Gilodi projects the anthemic track gives it a new meaning.

Like a Ghost combines both the heavier, old-school Deaf Havana with the raw, honest Deaf Havana into a perfect, passionate three-and-a-half-minute track. Not that Like a Ghost is the only track that does this; the riff-led England follows suit with a crashing drum and slick hook combination, which adds to the sweet, slick, punchy hit. As you can tell by my repeated use of the term ‘acoustic ballad,’ it is a stylistic choice which dominates the track list.

“It’s been a long, long time since I met someone who made me happy to be alive,” give an optimistic twist on an otherwise down-on-your-luck LP as they are belted out in St. Paul’s. Almost like a journey from Ashes, Ashes to the back-end of All These Countless Nights. Sing is a powerful, heavy track which confirms the versatility of DeafHavana musical ability. Closing the LP, Pensacola, 2013, uses lyrics that bring the record full-circle. “I got lost in all the alcohol,” is sang apologetically in Pensacola, 2013, as “My drinking takes its toll on everybody around me, especially you,” echoes from the lips of a sorrow filled James Veck-Gilodi in Happiness.

Overall, All These Countless Nights is a brilliant record and would be perfect company on a solo, overnight road trip. Equally, it could accompany pre-drinks before a night out. The way Deaf Havana have constructed their fourth record gives different angles and approaches at every corner.

≈ ≈ ≈

Deaf Havana – All These Countless Nights is out on 27 January. Order here.

Tickets for Deaf Havana’s upcoming tour are available here.

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