“If you can’t play all of your tracks live, you should not be fucking doing this,” Frank Carter emphasises as the release of The Rattlesnakes sophomore record, Modern Ruin has finally arrived. “The album has been ready for a year! It was finished in January last year. I have just been waiting and waiting for it to come out!

“For us, we have had a year of listening to it and making sure there was nothing we wanted to change. To release it one year on feels so exciting because we have this record and it is in a really good place.”

He is bored of the same, predictable setlists night after night and wants excitement and fan involvement. I want to get to a point down the line where we just take submissions for each set. The fans that come vote for what they want and the highest songs get played that night.” 

Do not worry, though; the tracks will not be rusty, nor will there be a lack of passion when some less-than-mainstream hits are performed. Frank insists he is “incredibly proud” of everything he has written, and that: “It is fine if you can write a good song in one style, but if you are versatile and can write several good songs in a lot of different style because you want to, then you should do that.” It will certainly be interesting to see how the tracks not usually on the setlist come across when performed live.

This won’t be before the Modern Ruin LP gets a run out, though. “I think the setlist will be a lot of Modern Ruin because we are so desperate to play it,” he explains. Following a run of wild headline shows in 2016, the band will be performing across the UK playing 12 nights in March. Intimate venues such as Newcastle Riverside, Leeds Stylus and London Koko will be battered by The Rattlesnakes, but their pre-show rituals are far from explosive.

“We all make lunch together,” He laughs. “For a long time I was pretty ridiculous and my rider was full of alcohol and then I realised I could save money and eat well by giving someone a shopping list everyday. Our rider is just a shopping list and we all make a pretty serious salad for each other.” Complementing their backstage salads, the band “listen to a lot of blues.” Very sophisticated indeed.

What they do on the other side of the curtain could not be more juxtaposed. Reminiscing about their first show in the North East, Frank adds: “Newcastle is one of my favourite cities to play in the whole of the UK. I love it! Our first ever gig there was at The Cluny and we sold it out. It was was fucking mayhem. There were kids doing front flips off the balcony – our drummer did a stage dive!

“It was just one of them gigs where if you were there you will remember it for the rest of your life. Luckily for me I was there! I don’t know what it is, but Newcastle just get The Rattlesnakes. There are no inhibitions. It is just about rock & roll.”

The reminiscing continues; looking at the rise of The Rattlesnakes, Frank has a moment of proudness explaining: “Like anything, you start this kind of thing for fun then when it starts doing well you hope you can make it to a point where you won’t lose it overnight. We are getting to that point and making a name for ourselves as a pretty formidable force for British rock.”

He does not get too ahead of himself, though, coming back down to Earth saying: “We still have a little bit of work to do, but we are getting there. It is great for the band.”  But what is the next chapter, and most importantly, the bridge they must cross to be a household name?

“We are going to America at some point. We will do a month there, then after that we will fit as many Summer festivals in as we can during that three month festival season.”

≈ ≈ ≈



Tickets for the upcoming tour are available here.

Modern Ruin is available now from here, as well as all streaming sites.


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