2016 was a whirlwind year for Declan McKenna. Spending time touring with Blossoms and playing shows ‘across the pond,’ everything seemed to go well for the teenager. Now, as 2017 begins, Declan is set to embark on his first headline tour around the UK.

Ahead of the shows, Loose Cardigan of Ideas spoke with him about what to expect. “I am well excited,” he says. “Some of the venues are class and I haven’t really done a headline tour before. I am really up for it!.”

Just before Declan heads out on his own tour, he supports American rockers Cage The Elephant on their UK dates. He explains the contrast as: “It is going to be difficult trying to keep up with them..

“They are a quality band as well as having a quality live show. I feel very lucky to share the stage nonetheless!” Sharing the stage on his tour will be Clay. “They are wicked. I have not  seen them play live, but I am chuffed we have them on board.

“Really great to see so much young talent coming out of the UK.” Speaking of young talent, his breakthrough hit ‘Brazil’ was released when Declan McKenna was only 14. Teasing at new music, when asked if we can expect new music between now and the tour, he says: “You can.” Very mystic. Very cool.

Isombard, featured on Fifa 17 and highlighted as Radio 1 Track of the Day, has, according to Declan: “Got more people interested in what I do, which is fab.

“You don’t tend to notice these things, but I suppose [it has].”

But what can we really expect from the tour? “We are always changing the live show to make it better, but I think I am always trying to achieve the same things from it.”

Living the rock n roll lifestyle, he puts his trust on: “Just lots of flat whites,” to keep him sane on the road.

≈ ≈ ≈

Tickets for Declan McKenna’s tour are available here.


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