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CATTLE & CANECATTLE & CANE are set to play their biggest headline show to date at Middlesbrough Empire on December 22nd. Led by siblings Joe and Helen Hammill, the band have had a whirlwind year; performing at festivals such as Deer Shed and Live at Leeds. As well as this, they have toured abroad for the first time, with shows in Germany and Belgium to name just two.

Speaking about the release of latest single 7 Hours, Joe said: “We are really happy with the reaction! It is a different sounding song than our previous stuff.

“It is always great when it goes down as well as our previous work. Dermot O’Leary and Janice Long at Radio 2 are supporting it, which is great!” This is the start of a new chapter of Cattle & Cane. Joe continues: “It is a progression from the first album. We have used instruments on the new album that didn’t feature on the first so it has been really fun to explore different soundscapes. Helen’s vocal features a lot more on the this album too.”

Said album is available via Pledge, and as many acts always do there are various exclusive items available if you ‘Pledge’ to effectively help Cattle & Cane get the record out. Helen had some, erm, interesting options. “These were all my ideas but never seen the light of day: Round of golf, a day of trampolining, board games & bingo, we’ll cook you dinner, pancake breakfast and film day, a night of dancing, five a side football.”

Before 2016 comes to a close, Cattle & Cane have a small matter of their biggest ever headline show still to come! Helen excitedly explains: “We’re so excited for our christmas show! The last three christmas shows we have done have all sold out so they have always had a brilliant atmosphere!

“Middlesbrough Empire is such a cool music venue with so much character and the sound in there is amazing. We’re planning some cool christmas ideas for the show!”

So, a festive theme is promised, but what does that actually include? Helen continues: “I am planning a winter wonderland photo booth, Christmas lights, elf hats, mulled wine and there may be a christmas song or two in the set list!” It certainly does not get more festive than this and it will definitely be different to the homecoming shows the band usually play.

“We tend to play a home town show once or twice a year. It just makes them so much more special. They are definitely our favourite shows to do. Our supporters are amazing and make us feel so happy to be where we are today!”

Given the festive theme, it would be ridiculous not to ask about some Yuletide memories the band have. Helen had, potentially, what every kid wanted: “I remember getting a post office for Christmas and I just remember it was the best present I have ever had.”

Fran’s memories are a sad angle towards Christmas: “I only remember the things I didn’t get. My older brother convinced me that I was getting drums for christmas so when I went downstairs to find there was no drum kit there I was traumatised. Never forgotten it.” Deep. Tragic. Heartbreaking.

Festivities aside, Cattle & Cane leave us with promising news. “We’ll be planning another tour around the release of our new album! And lots more writing and recording!”

An exciting time for the Cattle & Cane camp. Stay tuned to see where 2017 takes them.

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Tickets for their show at Middlesbrough have now sold out.

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