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THE 1975 returned to frontman Matty Healy’s home-city of Newcastle to play a setlist consisting of new and old tracks . The Metro Radio Arena hosted aesthetically pleasing visuals and punchy, feel-good hits.

Opening with The 1975 playing in total darkness before bursting into the vibrant Love Me, fans, some who had spent the full day queueing, were in raptures singing along to the synth-laced pop anthem. Healy removed his leather jacket to reveal a vintage Newcastle United shirt. Brown Ale, Adidas, iconic. Stylish as per.

I Like It When You Sleep… was one of our albums of the year and it was so delightful to have heard the bulk of it live. Accompanied with Vice City-esque lighting, UGH!, A Change of Heart and the mellow Somebody Else were personal highlights.

She’s American eclipsed my estimations – one of my favourites from the sophomore record I was amazed by how incredible it sounded jingling around a 9000 capacity arena. Milk was another track that I was shocked by. Having seen videos of it going around Twitter, I was still shocked by how good it actually is live. A rockier sound than their otherwise ambient tracks, it certainly had the fans going.



“We are all liberal, compassionate people,” was preached┬áby Healy, ahead of a speech all about us as a society having our progression of acceptance stopped by those in power, before explaining: “We were in the UK for Brexit and in the US for Trump.” Excellent timing. Also excellent timing was the heartfelt message of people being themselves preceding Loving Someone with the Gay Pride rainbow in the backdrop. Stunning.

Using the occasion to also big up the region, he reminisced about his 10 years growing up around Newcastle, saying: “I am from Prudhoe. You either play inside, outside or music. Me and my friends played music.” Using that as a stepping stone to explain that it is Jamie’s birthday, Healy dedicated the next track, Paris, to him.

The only downside from the evening was the lack of Ballad Of Me and My Brain and The City, but The 1975 more than made up for this with a well rounded performance. Still, though, the band initially left the stage after Girls and Sex before returning for a four-track encore.

Medicine had the usual golden haze background, If I Believe You had Healy pulling out his best Jesus Christ impression, Chocolate was a fan-favourite massive sing-along and The Sound concluded a cheery evening with dancing from fans and band members alike.

Whenever The 1975 play in Newcastle they put on a spectacular performance. University, O2 Academy, Metro Radio Arena – all have been incredible and I look forward to the next chapter of their journey.

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