GEORGIE has just finished a full UK tour with JAKE BUGG and is currently playing shows alongside band-of-the-moment BLOSSOMS. Combine that with a Glastonbury Festival performance, debut single and coming from an area that is currently booming and you get the picture of how promising this musician is.

Loose Cardigan of Ideas spoke to Georgie in between the Jake Bugg and Blossoms shows.

“Blossoms are great so it’s amazing to be supporting them at these great venues. I loved being on tour with Jake Bugg, who I love, was amazing and I really loved every show.”

Georgie is a Midland-er; coming from Mansfield she has close ties with the music scene down there. She excitedly explained: “The number of artists coming from Nottingham just shows how great the scene is and how well people get involved.

“People like Kagoule, Ady Suleimen, Harleighblu, Saint Raymond and Jake Bugg have all put out great music so it is special to see. We did Rock City in Nottingham, but these shows with Jake have been pretty big and a great experience.”

Company of Thieves, the most recent release came out in October and the success has snowballed from there really. Featuring it in her live set, it has already become a fan favourite. She said: “I think people seem to be enjoying it! I have seen a few people in the crowd singing along so that was pretty cool!”

As mentioned, her support slot tour has dominated effectively all of the fall schedule. How does she/the band keep everything in order? “I have had a little set up for hotel rooms and backstage so I took a little keyboard and an acoustic guitar so I’ve managed to do some writing!”

The future is bright for Georgie – 2017 promises: “A record with great songs and to put out a record that is real and relatable.”


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