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BRAND NEW played a 45-minute, well-rounded set as part of their UK tour, which is seeing them support Biffy Clyro. By their performance at Newcastle’s Metro Radio Arena last night (2 December), they could have easily been the headline band and played for double that time.

Coming on stage in total blackness, Jesse Lacey and co. positioned themselves behind flower layered microphones and played a brief instrumental before opening with The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me‘s Sowing Season. This album dominated the setlist; after all, 2016 is the tenth anniversary of the release of their sophomore record.

Their USA fall tour saw them play said album in full – in the UK we were treated to the classics from that album. Degausser, Millstone and highlight of the night/year/lifetime Jesus Christ were performed to the crowd. Many of those were kitted out in Brand New merch and a lot were saying they only bought the ticket to see Brand New (me included).

The back drop featured blurred images of the band performing, but it was Jesus Christ’s drowning sequence that left me speechless and emotional. Complementing the track beautifully, it was a perfect combination of audio and visual from the New York band.

Gasoline was roared out after Sowing Season and this was the most recent material that was touched. No I Am A Nightmare or Mene, just the hits. Deja Entendu’s Okay I Believe You, But My Tommy Gun Don’t and Sic Transit Gloria…Glory Fades were given a run out to the excitement of buzzing fans.

Closing with You Won’t Know, again from The Devil and God…, merging into Tautou, this performance was without a doubt one of the best I’ve ever seen. I hope they tour the UK again before their rumoured split in 2018.

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Tickets for the remaining Brand New/Biffy Clyro shows are available here.


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