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BOSTON MANOR‘s debut headline tour rolled into Newcastle’s Think Tank? for a packed out show to promote first full-length, BE NOTHING.

Opening with the anthemic Burn You Up, the Blackpool emo outfit displayed passion, energy and gratitude to their fans in the hour-long set. Front-man Henry Cox kept insisting: “Bring it in!” to the crowd who were bouncing along to every syllable. They brought it in, so much so that those on the front row spilled onto the stage.

“If you’re getting crushed, jump up and we’ll get you back in safely,” Cox instructed. Those who were up on stage used the height advantage to dive into the audience. Baring in mind that Think Tank? is a low ceiling venue, Boston Manor managed to entice the masses to risk smashing their skulls on the lighting rigs. Bravo.

Blasting through the likes of Lead Feet and Cu from Be Nothing, the only moment of mellowness came in the form of the first half of Broken Glass before pandemonium resumed.

Stop Trying, Be Nothing was introduced as: “This is the last song from our album,” before realising it wasn’t, and correcting it as: “No it isn’t. Forget that.” Belting it out ahead of Fossa, it was the last two tracks from Be Nothing, but not the end of the show.

Personal favourites Driftwood and Laika were roared by the band. “When we used to be a pop-punk band we put out an EP called Driftwood. This is from that EP,” preluded Driftwood. Laika needed no introduction and hearing it live was incredible. Truly blessed.

“Newcastle, we don’t do encores or anything like that. This is your last chance to go for it,” was said by Cox before they smashed Think Tank? to bits with Trapped Nerve. For a band on their first headline tour, Boston Manor performed like veterans. High in confidence, tight instruments and crisp vocals surrounded the band.

≈ ≈ ≈

A few dates remain on Boston Manor’s tour. Tickets are available here for them.


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