GENGHAR were undoubtedly one of the bands of 2015. Having sold out their first headline tour, supported Circa Waves and released debut LP, A Dream Outside, they gained a lot of attention before disappearing. But, they are now back and more hyped than ever with an accumulation of freshly penned tracks.

I caught up with frontman Felix Bushe, who emphasised: “Touring is a special aspect of being in a band and we are all relishing the opportunity to do it again.” The London four-piece have announced an intimate tour consisting of 19 intimate shows, described by Felix as: “The right thing to do. It is good to start small again after taking time off.

“It doesn’t seem as if people have forgotten about us yet! We hope people are looking forward to coming down and hearing new material.” This new material has been teased on their social media but no official announcement has been made yet, but what can we expect from it? “There is going to be more diversity for the listener this time. Some tracks were written directly after the first album so have some similarities, but some were written recently and have diverged a bit stylistically.”

Considering The Guardian called their debut: “Psychpop with heavy emphasis on the pop,” it should be interesting to see which route Gengahr go down for their sophomore record.

One of the dates on the tour will see Gengahr play Middlesbrough’s Westgarth Social Club (1st December) – notable bands who have played here are Catfish and the Bottlemen (who are currently playing arenas) and Wolf Alice (who have just been announced for Mad Cool Festival). “I’ve heard really good things about this venue so I’m really pumped to be finally going there,” Felix excitedly explains.

Gengahr visit the region twice on this tour, with Newcastle’s Jumping Jacks two days after the Middlesbrough show. Felix recalls: “Danny, our drummer, broke his collar bone in the North East. None of us can remember how it happened, but the day after, Danny played his first of many shows with one arm in Newcastle.”

Also visiting the likes of Leeds, Brighton and Aberdeen on this tour; it is pretty impossible not to see them. But what do Gengahr do to wind-down away from the live pandemonium and limelight? Felix is cultured in this department, briefing me: “We try and do all the touristy stuff when we have time – especially when we go somewhere new. We haven’t played in Middlesbrough before so it is going to be awesome!

“There are lots of other places on this tour we have never been so expect us to be sampling the local museums, cuisines and beverages!” Gengahr truly are full of culture..

Felix leaves me on a vague but promising note. “Expect us to drop some new music in the not too distant future. Once we have done that we will be building up to the album release.” So, in short, it is a really exciting time in camp-Gengahr and these next few weeks and months are vital for Gengahr to cement themselves as one of the best bands in the ‘scene.’

“Expect more gigs, in-stores, artwork, videos, music and general high-jinks.” Honestly, Felix, we cannot wait for the band to be plastered all over the world.

≈ ≈ ≈

Tickets for Gengahr’s upcoming tour are available now from here.


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