JAWS – back and better than ever

JAWS have just released their sophomore record, SIMPLICITY, much to the delight of their loving fans. Since their debut LP, BE SLOWLY, they dipped off the radar but now they are back and stronger than ever.

“I’ve grown up a lot and I think you can hear that in parts of the record,” says frontman Connor Schofield. “A lot has changed in two years,” – including JAWS now being a trio rather than a quartet. If anything, though, Simplicity is a heavier record with a lot more sound projected than their debut.

Be Slowly was an accumulation of blissful, ambient charm that allowed fans to sway through the full LP, whereas the first post-Be Slowly release (Bad Company) had an edgier and somewhat grungier approach.

“There was no reason,” Schofield explains. “It was just a natural progression of our sound. It is clear to see how gradual the development was. What We Haven’t Got Yet bridges the gap between albums brilliantly – boasting a combination of atmospheric vocals and head banging instrumentation comes naturally. “We never really thought about it. It just happened,” he reassures me.

When asked what to expect from Simplicity, he replies simply: “Some big tunes, duh!” Confident, but believable. On The Sunshine has Stone Roses-esque swagger, 17 is a sample led anthem that explodes towards the end and an eerie interlude glues both halves of the record brilliantly.

Alongside the release of a new album, Right In Front Of Me was released via Flying Vinyl on super sweet pink wax – something the band found to be an amazing opportunity. “I think Flying Vinyl is so cool so I was over the moon when I found out we would be part of it!”

To promote the new LP, JAWS are heading to some of the UK’s most intimate venues. “We are so excited! We haven’t been on tour for a year.” As part of the Simplicity tour, JAWS return to Newcastle’s Think Tank? for the third time in as many years. “Is it really a JAWS tour if we don’t play the Think Tank? I love it. I love Newcastle,” he laughs.

Alongside the trio, local support is set to be announced for the gigs, as well as Cosmo Pyke. A band hyped by Connor, saying: “I know they are absolutely sick and I can’t wait to see them every night.” But what else do JAWS do when they are on the road?

“I always end up shopping,” he laughs, before adding: “I waste a lot of money on tour, but we always seem to tour towards the end of the year so it gives me a good chance to Christmas shop!” Genius.

JAWS are just taking everything as it comes, naturally. Their fans didn’t disappear in between Simplicity and Be Slowly, nor did they push away the stylistic differences. The future is a mystery. “We haven’t thought that far [after the tour] ahead yet,” Connor Schofield says, leaving us in the lurk. I like not knowing. All I know is that they are still as passionate and full of exciting music as they were two years ago.

≈ ≈ ≈

Simplicity is available now from here.

Tickets for JAWS’ upcoming tour are available here.

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