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CLUE RECORDS have announced details of a new scheme they will be running across 2017. CLUE CLUB is exactly what it says on the tin: Clue Records will create a club that receive new music every month in the form of a zine. The club member will also receive a download from the cover star of the zine each month.

For just £28.99, you will receive:

  • An exclusive Clue Club tote bag
  • An exclusive Clue Club t-shirt
  • An exclusive 16-page-zine per month
  • An exclusive podcast of the featured artist
  • Exclusive offers for Clue Club members across the year

Clue Records are home to Trash, Forever Cult, Allusondrugs and Narcs. If these four bands are anything to go by, the zine will be bulging with sick, fresh bands.

Finding new artists to enjoy and fall in love with is one of the main reasons Clue was started.

We’ve created Clue Club so we can do this with a small group of people, matching ace bands with artistic visions to create something fun and exciting.

A zine allows the bands and artists to show a different dimension to their music and themselves.”


You can subscribe at Music Glue, but it is limited to 100 people. ACT FAST.

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