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HARTLEPOOL ambient-rockers PLAZA are back with their third single YOUTH.

Held together with echoing vocals and wavy hooks, it follows the alt-y Totem and mathy-infused Blood Orange as a welcome addition to the four-piece’s discography.¬†Opening with a ghostly haze of ambience, the three-and-a-half-minute-track glides mellowly with moments of anthemic instrumentation.

Gradually progressing into a track that flirts with their previous releases, Youth is a maturer sound that has developed as Plaza have travelled the length of the country. From Newcastle DIY shows to supporting Rat Boy at Manchester’s Albert Hall; 2016 has been a turning point for Plaza and if they carry this momentum into 2017 it will be their year for the taking.

Eerie bars of “I want it all, do you want it all?” whisper through the bridge of the track before an attack of drums punts the track into life. Bursting with cutting riffs and accumulations of sound, the final minute is juxtaposed, but still works. Weird.

Youth is released on Friday 4th November via Beyond The Wall.

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