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DMA’s in Leeds. Photo: @Rammy63 via Twitter.

AUSTRALIAN slacker rockers DMA’s packed out Leeds Stylus on the opening night of their current UK tour. It was incredible to see a band from literally the other side of the world receive such a warm welcome considering they are only one album into their hopeful long career.

Joking before the show, we said that it would be funny if people were to jump around near the front because DMA’s are very chilled out. A handful of songs in and we witnessed what we joked about. Chaos.

To be fair, though, front-man Tommy O’Dell was hyping the crowd up and jumping around erratically in between early tracks Play It Out, Feels Like 37 and Timeless. Dressed in an effortlessly cool manner (long sleeved black Tommy Hilfiger shirt, baseball cap, smart pants and Adidas trainers) he swaggered around the stage soaking up the rapturous applause and adoration.

Their debut, and only, full-length record – Hills End featured heavily on the setlist. An obvious statement you may think, but they have a six track EP that has enough quality to have allowed it to dominate the 14-song-set. Interestingly playing a cover of Madonna – Beautiful Stranger, the feel good, we’re here for a good time factor was present in both the band and the audience.

Usually a three-piece, the band performed (as they did when I saw them support The Courteeners in November 2014) as a six-piece to broaden their sound -still, though, the core of DMA’s’ was there and it was evident they didn’t really need more members when they played a stripped back version of Delete.

Step Up The Morphine was a blissful few minutes where the crowd joined lovingly together to serenade one another, as was the heartfelt So We Know. All in all, DMA’s are a combination of exciting and reposed, mellow and boisterous, etc. and seeing them while they are still virtually unknown is a must.

Closing with their potentially biggest hit, Lay Down, the Aussies have stamped their presence on Leeds and will continue to do so on the rest of this UK tour.

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Hills End is available now from Amazon.

Tickets for the rest of DMA’s UK tour are available via See Tickets.

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