THE PIGEON DETECTIVES played a passionate hour-long set to a sold-out Stockton KU Bar, which included greatest hits and some tracks from the upcoming album.

Before going to the gig, I, and no doubt many others, was anxious whether this would be just another band from yester-year collecting their pay packet, doing a shift and heading onto the next show. How wrong we were.

From the moment the Leeds-five-piece entered the stage, it was high intensity pandemonium. Replicating their wild antics from 2009, opener Animal went down a treat and saw fans crushing up to the barrier and scream lyrics back at Matt Bowman.

Bowman was clearly up for it. Crowd diving during Romantic Type, leaning over the barrier to serenade front-rowers via the stage monitors and launching his beers and water to the fans. Within three tracks, Bowman was four bottles of water in. 10% in his mouth. 30% over his shoulder length curls. 60% over the wild, sweaty audience.

“We are going to play a couple of new songs and slow it down a bit,” said Matt Bowman, much to the disappointment and booing of the Stockton horde. However, these new tracks weren’t bad and it was a first glimpse into what to expect from the 2017 release.

Being very much a man of the people, bottles of Peroni were handed from Bowman to those being slammed into the metal railings. A beer in exchange for nine broken ribs? A wonderful deal, obviously.

The tracks got more intense and the crowd had no intention of burning out. In between song chatter from front-man Bowman, saying: “We always have tremendous shows in Stockton,” reignited the passion and energy reflected onto the band. Matt Bowman’s leather jacket was gone and he was in a Chicago Bulls shirt, black skinny jeans and a pair of Adidas Samba trainers. Very, very 2007.

Highlights come in the form of Keep On Your Dress and Take Her Back. Tracks that I listened to during my school years being blasted and sounding as slick as eight years ago were a nostalgic delight. The Pigeon Detectives definitely still have ‘it.’ Whatever ‘it’ is…the 2009 fashion? The 2009 post-Milburn indie rock ‘n’ roll? The anthemic belters? A combination of all three? Absolutely.

The Pigeon Detectives are a band who have played to 15,000 people at Leeds’ Millennium Square, but still hold nothing back for the intimate venues.

Support came from Newcastle-three-piece The Pale White. The explosive trio played a half-an-hour-or-so set packed with killer riffs, slick hooks and drum fills to make your bones rattle. Personal highlights from their set were That Dress (imagine Tame Impala’s Elephant mixed with Cage The Elephant’s self-titled LP) and Reaction. Check them out below.

≈ ≈ ≈

Get tickets for The Pigeon Detectives’ March Tour here.

Check out new track Lose Control over at Clash Music.


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