KINGS OF LEON have returned with their seventh studio album – WALLS. It has all the hallmarks of KOL’s signature style; crooning vocals, anthemic choruses and good ol’ fashioned polished rock ‘n’ roll swagger. But there is something satisfyingly different to this release than their previous two full lengths, Mechanical Bull and Come Around Sundown.

Picture opener Waste A Moment as an accumulation of everything KOL have attempted over the past 15-or-so-years and it is exactly that. Groovy drums that will ring around your ears, it is one of those tracks where you go “Do you know that song that goes like this.” Catchy, recognisable and doused in the KOL signature sound.

That being said, though, Walls is fresh. The Followill clan have reverted back to catchy lyrics and recognisable and strayed, not significantly, from their overly-Southern approach that smothered its predecessors. There is a more ‘pop-rock’ approach in the willowing Over. “Don’t say it’s over anymore wooooaah” lingers on the mainstream-friendly instrumental, somewhat cliché, but I can’t wait for it to be screamed when played live.

Muchacho has a, naturally, exotic slickness surrounding it. The drum machine is possibly the most unpredictable thing about Walls. Not in a bad way, obviously, but in a refreshingly wonderful way that says ‘hey! Kings of Leon are seven albums in and still trying new things.’ Followed by Conversation Piece, this seamless flow is what Walls can boast. Smooth. Slick. Seemingly effortless.

Their mellowness and laid-back-ness is showcased in Conversation Piece – Caleb Followill’s vocals gliding perfectly over a plucky-led track, to me, seems like a perfect soundtrack number on an independent romantic-drama. “Won’t you come ’round my way for some conversation piece” beautifully captures that feeling of needing to talk things out with someone you cherish.

Closing Walls is, erm, Walls. The title-track is another blissful five-minute acoustic number, certain to pull at your heartstrings. Phasing out from their rock ‘n’ roll antics, KOL have created a ten-track reflection album. Packed with passion, plucking and polished music; Walls is a magnificent album with a lot of treasured moments captured by the Followill family.

≈ ≈ ≈

Kings Of Leon head out on tour in February 2017.

Tickets available from See Tickets on Thursday.

Order WALLS from the official web-store now.


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