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BOSTON MANOR‘s Be Nothing is the first full-length LP from the pop-punk-Blackpool-five-piece. Released on Friday (30th September) via Pure Noise Records, it dives into the heavier, angsty sound that holds nothing back.

Similar to their Saudade EP, Be Nothing is a high-intensity-in-your-face experience that will leave you gripped from opener Burn You Up to final track Fossa.

Laika was the first single released from the debut LP and portrays a darker and moodier theme than Driftwood, although it is a perfect transition from Saudade. Their development as a band is showcased brilliantly through this release and it is an excellent shot at a debut. Instead of attempting to be too broad and be a ‘Jack-of-all-trades-master-of-none, Boston Manor have carved a sound and dug deeper into it throughout.

The mellower Broken Glass comes halfway through Be Nothing. Giving listeners a chance to take a breather, front-man Henry Cox whispers over a gradual progressive background instrumentation that is sure to be an emotional rollercoaster when performed live. It isn’t until two-and-a-half-minutes in that Boston Manor’s passion and ear-bashing execution comes into force.

There are definitely traces of, pardon the cliché and unoriginal comparison, Brand New throughout the full-length. Boston Manor have not reinvented the wheel, instead the band have slightly adapted a reviving scene to stamp their own style as one of the best up-and-coming pop-punk/emo bands.

This Song is Dedicated to Nobody is, in my opinion, the highlight of Be Nothing. The sub-three-minutes is a toe-tapping, head-nodding combination of gritty vocals and drums that you can’t help but get enticed by. “There’s been some confusion, we’d love to go back to the start” echoes as the three minute mark approaches – definitely dedicated to somebody, who is not a ‘nobody.’ Ouch.

Final track Fossa talks about burning down the house someone grew up in – brutal; either metaphorically tearing apart the memories or literally burning down a childhood home. This tops off the angry, reminiscent approach from Boston Manor across the whole ten-track album. A perfectly, well-rounded record that the band will blow venues apart with.

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Be Nothing is available Friday 30th September via Pure Noise.

Buy it here: BE NOTHING.

Tickets for Boston Manor’s upcoming tour are available here: See Tickets.

Check out Loose Cardigan of Ideas’ interview with Henry Cox here: An Interview With…Henry Cox


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