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TRICK – Jamie T

JAMIE T has released fourth studio album TRICKcementing his name as one of the greatest British exports of the past decade.

Opening with the powerful, edgy and massively catchy Tinfoil Boy, you would expect the theme of the record to follow suit, but what follows it demonstrates Treays’ versatility – Drone Strike would not be out of place on a grime record and Power Over Men isn’t a million miles away from Pete Doherty’s Last of the English Roses.

Tescoland is somewhere between Carry On The Grudge’s Zombie and Kings and Queens’ Spider’s Web. Quick witted lyrics and instrumentation taking over your body and demanding that you jig along. Dragon Bones and Robin Hood also project this kind of optimism and positivity – hopefully they are added to the setlist for Jamie T’s upcoming tour.

The back end of Trick holds the more heartfelt and reflective pieces. Sign of the Times and Crossfire Love are perfect tracks for lighters in the air, swaying arm in arm crowd as well as staring out of the window on a late night car drive. They would both make excellent soundtracks for a moving BBC prime-time drama.

Closing the record is the five-minute-plus Self Esteem – starting off with a mellow vocal and atmospheric background, the track gets tenser and more gripping as midway before fizzling out beautifully to create a calm, soothing end to one of Jamie T’s finest pieces to date.

Jamie T heads out on tour this Autumn – some tickets still available from See Tickets.

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