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BLAENAVON’s third visit to Newcastle was incredible

BLAENAVON returned to Newcastle’s Think Tank for the third time since November to experiment with new material.

A couple of weeks ago the Hampshire-three-piece released lead single from their upcoming debut album – I Will Be The World.

For a band consisting only of guitarist & vocalist Ben Gregory, bassist Frank Wright and drummer Harris McMillan, Blaenavon create an incredible amount of sound and atmosphere.

Their last two performances in Newcastle were as support slots (Oscar and Sundara Karma), but it was finally their chance to take the headline slot.

They certainly did not disappoint. Opening with Hell Is My Head, Harris entered the stage first and played an extended intro before being joined by Ben and Frank.

Totally new tracks such as Pray For Death and Prostitution Blues were played alongside ‘new’ tracks that were played both times they had been to Newcastle prior to the headline gig.

These were Take Care and Orthodox Man – tracks that the fans recognised and could sing parts of. Although there weren’t many fans there, those who had the pleasure of seeing Blaenavon up close and personal formed mosh pits and jumped all over the tiny venue.

I will Be The World was the penultimate track before their ‘biggest’ song Prague closed the set. Throughout Prague, Ben Gregory leapt from the stage and crowd surfed while Frank and Harris both played the drums. It was carnage.

Support came from The Lucky Punks and The Pale White.

Hopefully Blaenavon head back to the north east soon and I am even more hopeful that their debut album will be ready by then.


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