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SUNDARA KARMA have a tour and festival slots coming up

SUNDARA KARMA have rocketed to stardom over the past year. Bringing out two EPs and several singles, the Berkshire four piece are heading back out on tour before a string of festival appearances over summer.

I spoke to front man Oscar Pollock about what is happening right now with the band.

The last time Sundara Karma played Newcastle it was at Think Tank? and it sold out – are you expecting the Cluny to be the same?

“I don’t know, I guess so…we are expecting it to be really fun. I think the Newcastle crowd will be pretty up for it like they were last time. Well, I hope so.”

When you say the crowd will be up for it, do you like seeing people going mad or just enjoying the music?

“Erm, yawning is what you don’t want to see. I like to see people engaging and to see someone’s face rather that seeing them looking at their phone.”

The Newcastle show is quite early on in the tour unlike last time, will this change the way you play?

“It is the first or second, I’m not quite sure. It means we will be fresher and less hungover really!”

Loveblood is your new single, but it came out originally in 2015 – why has it been re-released as a single?

“I think we put the song out a year ago now. We are in a different position now and we want a lot more people to hear it. Our fan base has grown a lot more in a year and by putting it out now it will reach more people.”

Speaking of your fan base growing, what do you expect your crowds to be like at upcoming festivals?

“You never know. We did festivals last year and were surprised by the amount of people that came last year so you can only hope it will be the same or slightly more. We are doing Glastonbury for the first time this year and the main stage at Reading and Leeds. We have a lot of friends and a solid following around Reading so we are not too worried about that.”

In an interview you said: “People get a bit annoyed because we’re not playing all of the old songs, but the best way of telling if a track has gone down well is at a show, if people move to it” – as the gigs get bigger will you start adding the older tracks back in?

“We are kind of just playing fans favourites at the minute. Playing a bit of everything, sort of went around in a big circle.”

The EPs you have released so far are simply titled EP 1 and EP 2. Is this a theme you are carrying on?

“It is just a sheer lack of creativity I think (laughing).”

Is it just EPs and singles for now or do you have an album planned?

“Yeah we will put an album out after the summer. It is more or less done. We will do a tour, for sure. I don’t know if it will be massive though.”

Buy tickets for Sundara Karma’s upcoming tour at See Tickets.


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