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FAIRCHILD have dropped the groovy ‘Neighbourhoods’

FAIRCHILD have released single Neighbourhoods.

A dominating 80’s, GTA Vice City, vibe is present throughout the near-four-minute track. It could easily soundtrack the opening for a beach-based police drama in the golden sunshine.

Packed with synths and slick, cutting riffs – Neighbourhoods laced with groove and swagger. The summery, feel-good is brought from Australia’s Gold Coast to their new home of Manchester.

Singer Adam Lyons says: “Neighbourhoods is a song about a stripper, but really it’s a story about lusting after something you shouldn’t. The narrative follows a character – maybe it’s me – in his pursuit of this woman. There’s no mistaking these lyrics, there’s nothing poetic happening here as such. The song is a warning: be careful what you fall for.”

Fairchild have released three EPs and several singles. Gaining over 160,000 listens on SoundCloud for their track Breathless shows just how brilliant this band are. They have completed tours across Asia, Australia, Europe and North America and are playing UK shows in May.

Catch Fairchild live:

May 5 – London, The Black Heart

May 7 – Manchester, The Night and Day Cafe

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