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THE LAST SHADOW PUPPETS have released their first album since 2008

THE LAST SHADOW PUPPETS’ announcements of comeback shows and a long-awaited second album were amazing news for music fans worldwide.

If you had not managed to get tickets for their current tour, the only pre-album you will have heard are Bad Habits, Everything You’ve Come To Expect, Aviation and Miracle Aligner.

However, the rest of the album is equally, if not, as weird and wonderful as the four that you have been drip fed. The most stand-out thing from the second album in comparison to their debut is the swagger and confidence that they portray in their music.

The best way to describe it is experimental doused in gothic strings and slick American style.

Eight years have passed, Arctic Monkeys have taken a break, Miles Kane has not released anything since 2013 so it was a perfect opportunity for Kane and Turner to get back together for another shot.

EYCTE opens with Aviation and Miracle Aligner so you get a slight sense of familiarity. It then goes to the AM/Humbug lovechild Dracula Teeth. Gothic strings and crooning vocals – the most recognisable feature of The Last Shadow Puppets music – flow throughout.

Much like the rest of the album, the string arrangements mixed with smirky vocals and American sunsets – it is a collection of romantic ballads given to you in three minute doses.

The Element Of Surprise is a charming track that NME have called: “Custom-made for sunset cruises along the Pacific Coast Highway.” It is hard to disagree with that statement as the pair are now California living so it is clear that the time spent there has been transported into yet again a three minute track.

Sweet Dreams, TN was the track that stood out the most during their performance at Middlesbrough’s Town Hall. Turner’s opening No.1 Party Anthem love song style, once again giving American references shows how different they are to 2008. The styles of both musicians have changed significantly.

From sideburns and indie-rock anthems to a swagger and USA living, the pair have changed together. Their ‘bromance’ is as tight as it was years ago – Kane even followed Alex Turner to California. Literally worlds apart from their Sheffield and Liverpool homes.

Much like the live shows, The Dream Synopsis is a perfect end to The Last Shadow Puppets. Lyrics such as: “A wicked gale came howling up through Sheffield city centre” almost bring Turner back to his roots before he follows it with: “There was palm tree debris everywhere and a Roman colosseum” showing the worldwide visions that he has witnessed since 2008.

Everything You’ve Come To Expect was always going to be talked about by fans. Rumours of a comeback have been circling the internet and magazines since the release of The Age Of The Understatement. People were always going to compare the records.

Order Everything You’ve Come To Expect here: TLSP Official Store


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