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VANT will play Newcastle on April 28th

Vant are heading out on tour to promote new music that will no doubt feature on their long awaited debut album.

Mattie, originally from Sunderland but now based in London, last played in the north east when Vant headlined Middlesbrough’s Mixtape event last year.

With an album almost ready, they are touring again in April and ready to give fans a first listen of what will be on said debut album.

I spoke to Mattie Vant spoke about his return to his native north east, Record Store Day and what the band will be listening to on the road.

How excited are you to come back to the north east?

“It’s always nice to come home and catch up with friends and family!”

Originally being a Sunderland band, do your mates still live in the north east and be expected to attend the Cluny show?

“Most of my friends (like myself) moved away from the North East but hopefully the remaining few will turn up.”

Your last time here was for Mixtape – are you expecting to see the same faces at Newcastle?

“I know the promoter was thinking about putting on some kind of Middlesbrough shuttle bus, so it’s entirely possible!”

What are your fondest memories of Newcastle?

“Having the opportunity to support some really great bands with my first project The Small Screen Light Show.”

You said the tour with Blossoms was “pretty fucking awful.” How do you think playing with Get Inuit will be different?

“Well, the reason it was awful was because we were opening for Blossoms and their audience didn’t really get us. If anything, it might be “pretty fucking awful” for Get Inuit this time, although I highly doubt it, they’re a great band!”

There are a few smaller festivals that Vant will be playing at – how are you feeling about these?

“Great, we just love getting in front of people, no matter how big or small the crowd is.”

What will your setlist consist of?

“We have a big pot of songs so we’ll be mixing up the setlist each night, it’s kind of fun for us because only we know what the track listing is for the record so audiences will have to guess which tracks are the B-sides!”

In interviews last year you said the album is pretty much finished. Will fans get a sneak-peak of what to expect?

“As we’ve only put out a few singles to date you really do have to come and see the live show to get a glimmer of what the record will sound like.”

A glow in the dark vinyl for Record Store Day sounds sick. How did the idea come about?

“We just wanted something ‘out of this world’ to encapsulate the song title “Fly-By Alien” – if you turn all of your lights off it should look a bit like a UFO.”

Which bands will be on in the van as you tour the UK?

“I’ll be educating the rest of the boys in ‘North Easternly Music History’ with the likes of Dartz, This Aint Vegas, Little Comets, Field Music, The Futureheads and Hyde & Beast.”

Tickets for Vant’s upcoming tour are available from here: VANT tickets


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