PLAZA during their set at Santiago (Leeds)

PLAZA and TRASH finished their joint tour with a gig at Santiago in Leeds.

Hartlepool-four-piece Plaza were the headliners for the event, although the ‘top-of-the-bill’ slot has differed during their time on tour.

Trash came on stage at roughly 845pm and opened with 81 before rattling through the likes of 4 Miles and I’m No Good.

Tracks from their Urban Glow EP such as Sad Boys and new tracks like Migraines and Workout featured on their setlist, alongside their single Hot Coffee.

Regularly advertising that after their set finished they would be around at the merch desk, Trash had everything from shirts to badges at said desk.

Many of the packed crowd came down just to see the Sheffield outfit – at just £3 a ticket, can you blame them?

Trash’s set finished with the chilled-out-yet-limbs-everywhere ‘Favourite Song.’

Regularly shouting encouragements and inside jokes to each other, Plaza and Trash have bonded well over the past 5 days. You would expect this from being in each other’s company constantly, but speaking to all members afterwards, they are all gutted about this tour ending.

Plaza’s set opened with Fickle. An atmospheric alt-rock track that the Hartlepool band often play at their live shows.

Also rattling through the likes of older hits Origami and Fig. 2, Plaza managed to keep the crowd bobbing along to their music.

The highlight of the evening came when Plaza dropped Totem. Released last week on Spotify/iTunes etc. the crowd got in to it and sang along to the snappy 2 minute track while members of the band walked through the crowd.

Front-man Bradley Lennard introduced Blood Orange as: “The song that we are going to release after this tour.” It is once again an alt-rock track that symbolises atmospheric vibes from Foals and mathy vibes similar to Colour. A wonderful combination that is maybe ‘above’ a band that are on their first headline tour.

Also playing Vancouver, gig-goers that had hung around were treated to a familiar track. Coming from their live session, also in Leeds with Campfires’ Chris Milnes, Vancouver featured the likes of Immy Williams and Josh Ingeldew (Future Horizons) on keys.

However, at the Leeds gig, Plaza were left to their own gig-doing. It was a free reign, the ball was in their court.

The set, packed with mad time scales and members wandering into the crowd, ended when Antumbra was played. An earlier track, released originally when Plaza brought out their first EP, it went down a treat and hopefully when Plaza return to Leeds they will be playing larger venues than Santiago.

It will be interesting to see where both bands go now. Having experience on the road as headliners, each now know what is it like to be away from home. I hope to catch both bands sooner rather than later.

Support on the night came from Party Hardly.


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