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CAMPFIRES have dropped their Something Live session on YouTube.

Describing themselves as a more complicated Foals, the math-pop-trio’s slick time scales and sharp riffs are clear in Rad Jones.

A summery Colour/Quadrilles-esque opening riff starts the three-and-a-half minutes of mathy goodness. These combined with antsy plucking and rolling drums flowing throughout bring the track together brilliantly.

Milnes’ vocals add a draining, almost effortlessly cool edge that talk about telling someone they look nice and worrying about parking on yellow lines. Real issues and not babbling about rockstar lifestyles. It is fresh for a band to do that.

The track is dictated by the rhythmic drums and their timings shift constantly, creating an unpredictable-yet-toe-tapping feel in your bones.

Something Live is a series of videos filmed by Something Productions, with some of their favourite bands, filmed in different locations around Leeds and the North of England.

Audio and video on the track are by Christopher Milnes and Nick Porter.

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