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PLAZA – Totem. 28/2/2016

PLAZA have released new single Totem on 28/2/2016.

The track was an early release for the Hartlepool-four-piece, but now it has been re-recorded and sounds bigger and better. Smashing you in the face from the start, Plaza’s attempt at a single is sure to be a success.

Totem lasts just under two minutes and has an alt-rock, mathematical sound. An atmospheric intro comes before bursting into life and continuing throughout with blasting instrumentation.

A gripping William Hamilton bassline and Matty Nicholson’s antsy guitar playing come together to create a powerful combination with Matty Swinbourne’s mathy drums. These overlaid with Brad Lennard’s roaring vocals are just a glimpse of what to expect from Plaza in the coming months.

When bands re-release tracks there is always a risk of taking away the original brilliance of it, however, Plaza have nailed this single.

Plaza are heading out on tour with Trash next month. Grab tickets fast.

Keep your eyes peeled on 28/2/2016.


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