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HINDS played Leeds Brudenell last night.

HINDS sold out Leeds Brudenell to play hits from latest album Leave Me Alone.

It is the first time I have been to the venue and it instantly became my favourite. Massive hangings advertising gigs, Red Stripe for £2.50 and pints for under £2. This is the venue for the working class.

Hinds came on stage at around 930pm to Hot Chocolate classic You Sexy Thing. Dancing their way to their places, the cavorting carried on until the very end.

Their set started with Warning With The Curling before blending brilliantly into Trippy Gum. The instruments were louder than the vocals, which ruined the songs earlier on at the gig. This was fixed when Ana Perrote gave the signal to the sound desk and from this point the gig was even better.

The Spanish-sun came with Hinds to Leeds and their set was filled with laughter, giddiness and all round passion for what they do. It was a pleasure to see a band appreciate their fans and not give off an arrogant vibe.

Giving short but sweet statements throughout the gig, Carlotta Cosials’ most memorable quote was: “You can all say we saw Hinds when they only had one album.” They definitely have the ability to go onto bigger things.

The Madrid band’s sound is very chilled out and the packed crowd took tracks such as Warts and Walking Home passively before the more popular Chili Town and Bamboo were played.

Rattling through fan favourite Castigadas en el Granero before briefly leaving the stage, Hinds’ sass bounced around the stage excellently.

They were off for only a minute before returning to tell fans that they would be hanging around the merch table to say hi and that they will be playing one more song – Thee Headcoatees’ Davy Crockett.

As Davy Ctockett started, fans took their chance to join Hinds on stage. By the end of the gig, the stage was overfilling with the wild singing alongside the four-piece.

Support came from Public Access T.V – a highly enjoyable New York band with the swagger of The Strokes combined with the grit of The Cribs.


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